Toi Ohomai Moves into Te Pūkenga National Network

Toi Ohomai Moves into Te Pūkenga National Network

Organisational announcements

Toi Ohomai is beginning our transition into Te Pūkenga, which will see all 16 Institutes of Technology and Polytechnics across Aotearoa brought together into one network of on-the-job, on-campus and online learning.  

Today, our CE Leon Fourie, alongside Wintec Institute of Technology CE Dave Christiansen and Te Pūkenga CE Stephen Town, announced that this would be happening earlier than scheduled, as Wintec and Toi Ohomai will become part of Te Pūkenga by 31 May 2022. 

This exciting development will see Toi Ohomai and Wintec lead the sector as the first two ITPs to transition into our new unified, national network. This change highlights the change readiness of our two institutes, and the strengths of our collective teams.  

We all believe this will enable us to provide a more comprehensive network of studying opportunities for all our valued ākonga, as well as increase collaboration opportunities between our programs and kaimahi. 

What this means:

  • There is no change to the day-to-day teaching and learning activities of staff and learners. All relationships with tutors and programmes will continue seamlessly. 
  • Students will remain enrolled as students of Toi Ohomai
  • For Toi Ohomai learners who complete fully their studies in 2022 – they will receive a Toi Ohomai certificate (either in absentia or at the graduation ceremony in 2023). For Toi Ohomai learners who complete fully under a subsidiary in 2022 but are not completed and conferred before the end of 2022, then they will receive a co-branded certificate
  • We remain committed to providing students with an exceptional student experience to help them succeed in their learning journey and future career

Leadership Change Announcement: 

  • Toi Ohomai Chief Executive Dr Leon Fourie will take up the role of Wintec/Toi Ohomai Transitional Executive Lead to steer our organisations through this change. This role will mean that Dr Fourie will now manage the Wintec Executive Leadership Team and Toi Ohomai Senior Leadership Team. There will no other changes to reporting lines of kaimahi/staff within each organisation. 
  • Wintec Chief Executive David Christiansen will take on an exciting new role, referred to as the ITP Transition Lead. This role will ensure that future transitioning subsidiary CEs have the additional support they will need along this critical transformation journey.  

What this means for Toi Ohomai:  

  • There are no changes to any of the staff or tutors
  • The strategic direction, key initiatives, relationships/partnerships and plans for Toi Ohomai and Wintec will continue in their current capacity  
  • The Toi Ohomai and Wintec names and brands will remain in place until the end of March 2023, when they will fully transition to Te Pūkenga along with all other ITPs across the network   

What happens next? 

As we move through this change, we will continue communications through our usual channels. For now, nothing will change for students' learning.  

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